The Wandering Toucan


The above panorama is from the heart of Iceland, where me and my family took a wrong turn that resulted in an 8 hour detour into the middle of nowhere.

But, even though it was the middle of nowhere, it was certainly the most beautiful middle of nowhere I had ever visited in my entire life. And there’s a sense of peace and calm that you get from the knowledge that you’re likely the only human being for almost 100 miles in every direction. It’s the strangest feeling: serenity mixed with panic. Serenity because of the stunning landscapes and wonderful beauty of an untouched Earth, yet panic-inducing because of how lost you are, and how far you are from humanity.

But those feelings are common territory when it comes to traveling. There are emotions that are exclusive to travel, an extensive catalog of feelings only accessible in certain locations and situations. I believe it’s impossible to feel all that is possible to feel unless you travel the whole of the Earth, but even given an entire lifetime, that just seems impossible.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try right? Traveling is the closest thing to a panacea that I’ve ever discovered, and I’ve been blessed to have been all over the world to uncountable different places. As a seasoned veteran, I wanted to share my experiences, however they may reveal themselves.

Sometimes that means that I’ll feel the need to warn you of things not to do, of terrible experiences and places that should probably remain unknown. Sometimes that means I’ll recommend for you the best way for you to spend your time, must see attractions, incredible hotels, delectable restaurants, hidden gems among a city or country or landscape. Sometimes that means that I’ll just feel a wonderful appreciation for my opportunity and just need to post a passage expressing my feelings. Sometimes that means I’ll just become a rambling fool who goes on and on about nothing in particular.

These are the things which The Wandering Toucan will accomplish. In-depth reviews of locations, cities, attractions, what to do and what not to do, where to eat, and how to find some of the greatest unknown locations on Earth, as well as giving you a little glimpse into my brain every once in a while when I feel the need to mind-dump.

As of right now, the schedule for posts will be every Tuesday and Thursday for a blog post, and I’ll be uploading a video every so often as well, though I’m not entirely sure how often those will come out because of my hectic schedule.

In addition, I’ll be posting tons of beautiful pictures on our Instagram page which is @thewanderingtoucanYou should definitely go follow us, we appreciate every little bit of interaction we can get from you!

All in all, I want to encourage you to wander, whether you want to venture out on your own, or wander with me in spirit through this blog or through our pictures and videos, come wander with me. Attempt to satiate the unquenchable thirst for wanderlust that your soul yearns for.

I’ll see you in our next location.

– The Wandering Toucan

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