Spotlight: Blue Lagoon

Sometimes when you’re traveling, all you really want is some good old fashioned rest and relaxation. The famous Blue Lagoon in Iceland is the sort of place you visit when you want to get away from all the stresses of life, but it’s very inconveniently placed in southern Iceland, far from big cities like say Miami where it would be more useful?

In any case, the Blue Lagoon is only made more special by the fact that it’s located near a dormant volcano about a half hour drive outside of Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital city. It’s a unique experience, and one that you absolutely have to visit if you’re the type of person who loves spas and the royal treatment.


Cliffnotes Version: The Blue Lagoon is beautiful, calm, and relaxing. If you’re an adrenaline junky, or really don’t care for a moment of solace, then this is not going to be your cup of tea. If you’re neutral or actually do love the spa life, then you must see the Blue Lagoon, but be forewarned, some of the more incredible packages they offer are quite pricey!

So if you’re coming to Iceland from the United States like I did, you’ll probably land in Reykjavik, which means this is you’re starting point. You really shouldn’t stay in the city for very long, but I’ve already covered that in another post. But let me just paint a quick picture for you, let me know if you like how it sounds:

You step off of your long 6 hour flight exhausted. You’re thankful to be on solid ground again, but not very thankful for the jet lag that has seeped down into your bones. You’re so tired that your hair literally aches. You’re so tired that you feel grogginess in your toes. You’re so tired that if a hungry, rabid bear suddenly broke into the airport and everybody started running for their lives, you’d think well I lived a good life.

You get the picture. Even the most experienced travelers can’t escape the Lag Syndrome.

  • lag syndrome (lâg sïn-drōme) noun – the desire for a nap after a long trip [even though there’s no time for napping!]

So what if I told you that you could walk off your flight, straight into a taxi, tell them Blue Lagoon and go straight to a place where relaxation is king?

When you arrive, you’re first struck by how strangely blue the water is. Pictures do no justice in this realm. Take my word for it, the water is not just blue, it’s unnaturally blue. When you arrive you walk in between these two giant crags of rock left over from lava residue, but once you’re inside, that’s when you start to feel the anti-lag-serum kick in.

You change quickly and then when you first get outside, you’re struck by the strange contrast in air currents from your legs up to your shoulders: steam hitting your leg hairs, crisp cold air cooling your shoulders, it’s a very strange sensation. And then you get in the nice, warm water, better by far than any jacuzzi, and you just wander around, feeling the effects of the lagoon marsh absolutely rejuvenating your bones.

Sounds incredible right? That’s my recommendation for how you should arrive in Iceland, but let’s take it back a few steps and talk about the pricing and what it’s like and what you get!

This is the entrance desk, and it’s where they first hit you with price packages. Let’s talk about those real quick:

  • Standard – includes entrance to the Blue Lagoon and a Silica Mud Mask (price is about $50.00 USD)
  • Comfort – includes above and a complimentary towel for use, a drink, and an algae mask (price is about $70.00 USD)
  • Premium – includes all of the above as well as a bathrobe, slippers, a free reservation at their beautiful restaurant: Lava, and a sparkling wine from Lava (price is about $90.00 USD)
  • Luxury – includes all of the above plus a Spa Journey Product Set, and entrance into their exclusive lounge (price is about $250.00 USD)

We went for the Comfort package, but here’s the skinny on what’s worth the value: The Standard package is a bit pricey considering it really only carries entrance and the silica mask. However, as you see with the above prices, everything is pretty pricey in general in this place. Whatever the case, this is one of those must-see locations in Iceland so overall I’d say the Standard package is worth it for people who want to just cross this off of their to-do list in Iceland. The lagoon is nice and expansive, and the silica mask feels pretty awesome on your face! And this coming from a manly man! I actually really enjoyed the mask!


 The Silica Mask feels like it dries up your skin, and then when you wash it off, it’s like it peels off the layer of dead skin cells that used to be on the surface.

In retrospect, the Comfort package wasn’t very much worth the cost. If you can, just bring a towel yourself and buy the Standard package because the algae mask really isn’t very different from the silica mask and definitely isn’t worth an extra $20.00 in price. The Comfort package might actually be the worst package that they have.

Now the Premium package in my estimations is for the people who actually enjoy spa days and actually want to spend more than a few hours here. The Standard and Comfort packages are great for people who just want to spend 1 or 2 hours and then head off to the next location, but the Premium is for people who want to spend a day at the Blue Lagoon, and I’d say it’s pretty worth it. Hang out in the lagoon as long as you wish, then maybe bring a good book or a Nintendo Switch and hang out on one of the cozy beach chairs on the deck in nothing but a bathrobe and squashy slippers. They have free wifi so maybe you even whip out your iPhone and FaceTime all of your contacts in alphabetical order to make them green with envy. The price is worth it just for that isn’t it? Then when you’re finally done relaxing and ready to get some grub, just go take a shower in their locker rooms, change into some nice clothes, and meet everyone you’re with for dinner at Lava, a very exclusive well renown restaurant in Iceland. I’ve personally never been to Lava, but from what I could see, it was a sophisticated, classy restaurant, so if you’re into feeling like you’ve got the status of a Kardashian (which hey, there’s nothing wrong with feeling like a superstar every now and again) then go for it.

The Luxury package is for people who want the Premium experience, but also want to take something home with them (the Spa Journey kit) and want a more exclusive experience. The exclusive lounge is simply better chairs, a quaint atmosphere and far less people. Think of the difference between the general waiting area at an airport vs an Admiral’s Club Lounge or something like that. The Spa Journey also allows people to take home the Silica Mask as well as plenty of other products which they sell in their store for a higher price than what the kit costs. All in all, if you want a total Spa Day experience with all the bells and whistles a celebrity might appreciate, this is the way to go, but beware, it’s very pricey to go this route! Only do this if you planned it in advance.


I have to admit, this place is quite beautiful when you arrive. Who knew lava and algae could be so attractive?

Once you choose your package, you go inside where there are two locker rooms, one for men and the other for women, and you change into your bathing suit, which is a very surreal experience when you just walked in from 50 degree weather. Your brain gets very confused like hey wait, why aren’t you putting more clothes on? Are you crazy?  But as with most things in travel, you just respond yes I am crazy and then go do your crazy thing.

-The Wandering Toucan

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