Diary: An Extremely Long Flight

Our flight is supposed to leave extraordinarily early in the morning on the day that we leave to Tahiti and Bora Bora, but as life would have it, even with the pressure of a morning flight, our eyelids couldn’t find it in themselves to prop open at the correct time. We were incredibly late. So late, in fact, that we missed the boarding time for the plane. They didn’t allow us to even check in our bags or get passed the gate. I thought that was the end of that adventure for sure. I even made this video:

We were incredibly close to never even making it out to Bora Bora

But even with the stank faces rushing to and fro from every direction in the rudest city in America, we still managed to find the Christmas spirit. It was the day before Christmas Eve after all (Christmas Eve Eve?). Our good spirits were promptly rewarded, and somehow we found an alternate flight from Miami to Los Angeles, where we would connect later that night to head to beautiful Bora Bora.

Now destinations are fantastic, but airports are also kind of my thing. It’s like a strange innocent fetish I have. Put me in a Starbucks on a random street in the city and I’ll eventually get bored out of my mind. Put me in a Starbucks in the airport and suddenly I’m the most zen, enthused person alive. Airports just put a bout of excitement into my heart that’s hard for me to let go of.

Even Miami, which after having lived here for my entire life has a plethora of characteristics that are well deserving of my criticism, can become this shining city on a hill, so long as I’m in its airport.


LOL to the bathroom humor

This time around, the airport was even more of a treat than usual, partially because we would have to end up waiting longer than normal for our flight since we missed the initial plane out, and partially because we got to go to the executive lounge for the first time ever.

The executive lounge is nothing like the regular waiting area. The regular waiting area is for peasants (I’m kidding, calm down). The executive area has these bigger comfier seats, and has this modern furniture that makes it feel like a more upscale version of an Ikea. I absolutely loved it.

We got a free water bottle for staying at the lounge!

I did a few handstands and posted them on Snapchat before heading out of the lounge and getting on a plane to L.A. And on the way to L.A. I slept like a freaking baby.

Now I wanted to share one thing about all of this: when you travel, you should make every effort to enjoy yourself to the maximum. Just because you’re at an airport doesn’t mean you need to complain and be mentally annoyed all day. Annoyance is an emotion you decide to have. You must give the airport permission to annoy you before it can ever make you feel even an ounce of negativity. I say withhold that permission. Don’t allow anything to annoy you. Don’t allow anything to bring you down. Not on your trips.

You deserve a great vacation. You deserve to be happy the whole way through.

Even when you miss your flight, good things happen to those who remain optimistic. 

The Wandering Toucan


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