Diary: A Model with Boundless Beauty

I read a few articles that were popping around the Twittersphere recently about how to date model girls, and what to do and what not to do. Some guy who’s apparently a guru even sells an online course where he teaches men the art of the pickup, and how to impress these difficult bombshell women. His disclaimer: these aren’t the girls you want to take home to roost with. They’re shallow and cold-hearted. They’re perfect for pump and dump, and not much more. 

There’s even this whole slew of articles dedicated to why dating models is a terrible idea. A lot of the articles espouse the notion of dating slightly less attractive women, because they have better personalities.

Here’s a novel concept: Maybe date a woman with any redeeming qualities.

You don’t have to date less attractive women simply because model girls are usually total bitches. Maybe you just shouldn’t rely on finding women in a field of work that unilaterally values physical appearance and gives no incentive whatsoever for a woman to develop her brain, personality, and heart. Maybe just maybe you can find someone equally (or more attractive) who actually cares about the universe beyond herself.

Sure, runway model sounds sexy, but you know what actually is sexy?

How about a Hospital Administrator who’s driven to learn more and has a passion for helping others in the medical field? One who can actually carry a deep, wholehearted, intellectual conversation and get this: it won’t be about herself. She actually wants to know about you and your day and your interests and your dreams. She doesn’t act like the queen of the universe, but she’ll act like you’re the king of hers.

Or how about a woman who actually believes in something? One who’s not guided by whims or trends; one who can be a bedrock for you to build a foundation around. She doesn’t float around in immaturity or irresponsibility. She’s got a level head, and a strong, independent will that you swear can shake mountains.

Or how about a woman who’s every bit as spontaneous and free-spirited as these supermodels who travel the world? One who is still banging, neck-breaking, heat-coma-inducing, stun-you-into-remission, absolutely gorgeous and stunning; all without the shallowness, the attitude, the superiority complex, and the empty space between the ears.

You fellas need to stop chasing skirts and bikinis. Nobody’s saying you need to find yourself an ugly Betty to settle down with. Go ahead and find that dimepiece, just make sure she’s got the whole package. Because you know what goes best with great tits and a great ass? A great personality.

I honestly feel bad for all the morons out there that give girls permission to be idiots just because they’re hot. Go find yourself a hot girl and a best friend. They’re not mutually exclusive, I promise.

Just take a look at my wife:

My gorgeous girl

By the way, I know this isn’t a conventional post, but I just wanted to rant about how dumb our culture is these days, and brag about my beautiful wife.

But I have to give a shout out to the beautiful scenery in Tahiti and Bora Bora. It complimented her perfectly.

See you guys in the next post!

-The Wandering Toucan

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