Revamping the Toucan

The very beginning of a project is, by far, the most exciting and motivating time period, but it’s also the most fleeting. Projects and passions often sound good in theory without finding true form in practice, and so many projects begin, and then just as quickly end as the initial excitement dissipates and reality sets in. At that point, it is not only passion, but also dedication which will drive a prospective vision forward. The ability to self-motivate, and truly put in time and effort out of sheer enjoyment, instead of for views or clicks or subscribers.

That’s where I’m at. I’m officially past the magical honeymoon stage of owning a blog. In the beginning, I had no idea what to expect, so getting 3 views in a day was insane to me. It almost didn’t make sense. Three whole people took the time to at least curiously click on my content? Why?! On a random day in February, we got 200 views in one day and I felt on top of the world. Two hundred unique visitors to my little corner of the internet? Wow. Then time kept chugging along and every now and again a new subscriber would pop up out of the ether and we currently have 14 subscribers. When I first started this, I thought I’d be lucky to get just 1 or 2 people who wanted to hear what I had to say about traveling, but it turns out that if you continue to create content, an audience will assemble around it.

All of that being said, The Wandering Toucan is still, by every imaginable measure, very tiny in the spectrum of cohesive blogs. But hey, it’s no longer at the beginning of the spectrum. But one thing that got old fast was gaining views and subscribers. Of course I love and appreciate every single one of you who takes the time out of your day to read this, but views and subscribers can’t be the only motivation I have to continue churning out content. I have to want to create for myself first, then for other people. And I also have to create more provoking content to get more interaction. I see the metrics. I see you out there, invisibly reading my posts, but I want to hear what you have to say. I want you to comment on this and tell me what you think. Good, bad or ugly. Maybe I completely suck. I need to hear that sometimes. Maybe I’m the greatest blogger on God’s green Earth. It’d be reassuring to hear that at times too. But the point is that I need to find motivation to do this within myself, and somehow interact more with other people because just stabilizing at the number of views we’re currently receiving just isn’t cutting it anymore. I want to grow as a writer, and as a blogger, and as a traveler of this big beautiful world.

So here’s the thing: I’ve been extremely irregular with the schedule of posts. I know this. Part of this is because I own a business and am in the beginning stages of that too (Go figure) and if you’ve ever tried to build up a business before, you know that that can take up literally all of your time forever. Don’t get me wrong, owning a business is one of the most rewarding endeavors you could possibly undertake, but some days I don’t have time for my own wife, let alone cleaning the house, recording my own music, writing my book, and oh yeah, making a travel blog!

Again, I love every project I’ve decided to undertake, so I’m not complaining. But it is true that the travel blog hasn’t gotten as much time as perhaps it should. In addition, there are days where I do have time, but I find it a drag, or boring because I’ve tried to force myself to stay on certain topics and avoid other topics and sometimes it just feels forced. When it feels forced, I don’t even publish the post. I leave it in a draft, and if I never feel like finishing it, I eventually delete the damn thing.

Venting, as I am now, to you the anonymous reader of a million grievances, is certainly helping to clear my head and allow me to more fully grasp what it is that I want this blog to accomplish.

So moving forward: I will absolutely post every single Tuesday & Thursday without fail.

In order to make that happen, I’ll have to set aside time for it, of course, but there’s an even more important component: I’ll have to be myself in my writing, and write about whatever I want to write about.

When it comes to traveling, there’s so much to say; so many places and things to review, so much about a culture to dissect. I want to start some open dialogues and contribute my opinion sometimes, even though it may not be totally politically correct. Sort of like my recent post about the Locals of Bora Bora, I want to make more content along these lines as well, whereas typically I avoid it because I feel like it’s not travelly enough. And yet, it is. I want to dive deep into every part of the traveling experience. I want to make more reviews, more opinions on cultures, and of course more of what actually set the wheels of this project in motion: stories about my experiences.

I also have a few ideas about collaboration. If you have your own WordPress blog, and are interested in collaborating, please leave me a comment of email me at I think it would be hugely beneficial for all parties involved! Let me know, don’t be shy!

As I’ve already mentioned, the honeymoon phase is over. But what will keep us all wandering is the next phase, where we toucans grow and spread our wings and collectively take off all over the world and share our experiences with each other. That’s what we need. And that’s what I plan to deliver.

Thanks for listening to my rant

-The Wandering Toucan

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