Past: Oh Canada!

Do you enjoy spontaneous frostbite in your toes? How about a nice, random blizzard to dampen your day? A cold breeze so absurdly freezing that even your hair starts to turn into icicles? Then visit scenic Canada.

This would be the voice over of my commercial about visiting Canada in the dead of winter. On the screen you would just hear a deep voice announcing the previous phrase and there would just be an image of dangling testicles frozen solid. Yes in Canada you will freeze your balls off.

But if you can move beyond the frigid weather, then you can really start digging into the beauty that is Quebec City in the winter time. It’s what every child thinks of when they think of winter. Not disgusting muddy, black snow on driveways or sprinkles of snow mixed with rain that don’t even cause blankets. Or worse, in my case, we don’t get snow at all. We just get rain. And humidity. And nasty people with attitudes. (That’s Miami for ya )

Canada, on the other hand, is the very essence of winter. As though the setting of every single Christmas movie ever took their inspiration from Quebec City and its beauteous landscapes. A little town next to snowy fields that is legions deep in snow. The blanket is white and pure, like a wedding dress on a bride. It’s all beautiful and wonderful.

My favorite part was perhaps the smallest touch. But it was something that stayed in my memory as something that was quintessentially Quebec City. As we walked through the city, we saw a man outside who had a table that was covered with a fresh sheet of snow. He had a glass jar of maple syrup and a few sticks on the snow. He poured out the maple syrup onto the snow and the syrup slowly congealed and became hardened around the stick he had placed there. And voila! A maple syrup lollipop. Delicious! And only possible because of how freezing cold it was there, but very highly appreciated nonetheless.

That’s what stayed with me about Quebec City. Cold. Quaint. Humble. Awesome.

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