Free Plane Ticket Dreams

Imagine that someone came up to you and said that money, time, resources, whatever you needed was completely and utterly irrelevant and that you could go absolutely anywhere you wanted next week.

But here are the rules: 

  • You have to go somewhere outside of your hometown
  • You have to stay in that one place for two whole weeks
  • You have to ignore all text messages, social media, or communication in general unless it’s an actual emergency
  • You’re not staying in a five star resort. You’re staying in a regular hotel that’s clean and has a bed and not much else. So, in other words, you can’t rely on your hotel to give you fun. You have to go out into the city for that

Where would you go? 

Well imaginary genie in my head, I’m glad you asked that because I think I have the perfect option:

Italy, the gorgeous adventure

My first choice would likely be to fly into Rome and then backpack all over the beautiful, historic Italian countryside. Starting in Rome is great because of the incredible amount of stuff to do there. You could spend a few hours exploring the Colisseum before riding around the city to hit up all the different museums that flood the city. Or you could go to one of the ultimate museums on the planet: The Vatican. That little chunk of Rome is a giant, city-sized work of art. As you walk through the Pope’s house, you find that the architecture, sculptures, paintings, just everything is exquisite. It’s all done by the greatest artists of all time.

Once you’re done exploring Rome, catch a train and head to Venice or Florence or Sicily or Tuscany! You’ve only got two weeks and a million incredible options to explore. Head to Venice for romance, with the city just begging you to propose to your girlfriend, even if you’ve only been with her for two weeks…even if she doesn’t even exist. It’s just the vibe of the city!

Florence is more for the art historian, with culture spewing from the sunny hillsides. I’ve never been to Sicily or Tuscany so I can’t know about those for sure but I will say this:

Italy is perfect because there is SO much to do and see that even without the smartphone that occupies and entertains you for 95% of your day, you will still be flooded with so much that it’ll be hard to get bored. It’s got good food (who doesn’t like pasta and pizza?) and the cities are packed with enough culture that you won’t want to spend any time in the hotel 😀

But that’s just my opinion! What do you guys think? Where would you go in the circumstances I outlined above?

See you guys tomorrow!

-The Wandering Toucan

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